Why Lotelito loves bloggers

Already a blogger and want to visit Valencia?

If you have a blog that talks about travel, hotels, travelling with children and enchanting cities this is your chance to enjoy a full weekend’s free accommodation in our hotel.

What you should do to be one of our blogger’s?

Send us an email to community@valenciaflats.com.with

  • name
  • phone
  • contact email
  • link to your blog
  • ranking of the blog
  • a brief description of your blog and your experience as a blogger
  • dates when you would like to come
  • what has motivated you to be our blogger friend

What interests us?

  • That your blog is well positioned (Alexa rank)
  • That your are the author of the blog
  • That you update your blog frequently with quality content
  • That you have active profiles on social networks such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Snapchat
  • That you are the owner of these profiles
  • That you have a differential value from other blogs
  • That you give your personal value to each experience
  • That you are keen to have fun and, above all,that you feel at home
  • That you are our best spokesperson

What do we want from you?

  • That you blog an entry before the trip describing your expectations, what you expect to find in our hotel (with a link to our website), what you feel about Valencia or expect to feel when you are here.
  • Obviously, that you share this entry in your social networks.
  • Once your experience begins, we would appreciate any photos and videos illustrating your experience and would naturally ask you to share them on your social networks and in ours, which are always open to our friends, followers, clients and bloggers (must include tags, geo-locations and mentions).
  • At the end of your trip we expect an entry where you talk about everything experiences, feelings, impressions, motivations and recommendations, and, of course, it must include a link to our website.
  • That you share this experience with your followers.
  • A review on Tripadvisor that helps other travellers
  • That you are our biggest and best spokesperson.
  • And what we most desire… that you come back whenever you want!!!